Sawtooth Mountain Brunch


Enjoy the serenity of the Idaho Sawtooth Mountains in your very own kitchen. Fry up a couple of genuine Idaho® Potatoes. Heat up the griddle for fluffy Idaho Apple Pancakes and enjoy with Dorothy’s syrup or jelly. Brew up a pot of full-flavored coffee from Long Valley Coffee. To truly experience the Sawtooth Mountain Brunch we suggest preparing it over an open campfire.

  • **Two Idaho® potatoes
  • Idaho Apple pancake mix 10 fl oz
  • Dorothy’s mixed fruit syrup 8.5 oz.
  • Dorothy’s wild huckleberry Jelly
  • Long Valley Coffee (makes 2 pots)

**Taters reserves the right to substitute an appropriate item of equal or higher value for the potatoes in this gift box if there’s a possibility of freezing or potatoes are out of season.

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 10.0 × 4.25 in